Project information

Aim: Examine whether and how value chain collaboration (VCC) involving tree-crop farmers in Ghana (cocoa and oil palm) and South Africa (macadamia and avocado) can be made more equitable and inclusive.

Objective: Contribute knowledge that helps achieve more equitable terms of engagement in VCC, greater autonomy in food production and marketing, and sustainable landscapes.

Method: This programme envisages action research in ‘learning platforms’ which are arenas for joint learning and negotiated knowledge. Researchers liaise with existing innovation platforms and networks and stimulate new stakeholder coalitions where this is needed to build a bridge between local-level initiatives and higher-level partnerhsips and policy communities. Our aim is to mediate between different knowledge systems and governance levels and facilitate technological and institutional innovation. Sub-projects contribute to (i) the co-production of knowledge about the diversity of smallholder strategies and livelihood trajectories and how these play out in VCC and landscape approaches, (ii) multi-stakeholder definition of the sustainability choice space of commoditised tree-crop farming, and (iii) smallholders’ inclusion in adaptive learning processes related to innovations and landscape approaches initiated through VCC.

Funding: NWO-WOTRO Science for Global Development and Food & Business Knowledge Platform.


Ghana & South-Africa

Members research group


Mirjam A.F. Ros-Tonen
University of Amsterdam
PO Box 15629
1001 NC Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0)20 5254179


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